We get lots of technical questions about how we shoot & what kinds of equipment we use in our productions .  Here is the answer to most of these frequently asked questions.  We are proud to provide specs on our favorite gear & links to these preferred manufacturers of quality TV production equipment.
Our camera is outfitted with a Fujinon high definition HA20X7.8BERM 7.8 to 156mm lens with a 2X extender.  This is an excellent long lens essential for quality telephoto shots of wildlife.  ON those expeditions that require extreme long shots of 1000 yards or more I use the Fujinon HA42X13.5ERD Super Telephoto lens with built in image stabilization and 2x extender providing a 42X zoom ratio and 13.5 to 567mm focal length.  The Fujinon optic's are superb and have provided excellent imagery and reliability.
For power I have, for many years, relied on the Anton/Bauer Logic Series® batteries and the Quad® 2702 InterActive® PowerCharger®.  They have both performed flawlessly, internationally, on a variety of 110/220 currents, as well as in the bush when our only source of juice is a generator.  The DIONIC® 90 is lightweight and packs a solid 2-3 hours of run-time per charge.  I also use the larger HyTRON® 100 and HyTRON® 140 batteries for longer power needs.  The ElipZ ® battery system is perfect for the 7.2v HD cameras with its under-the-camera mount application to provide better balance.
For more then a decade I've used the AZDEN wireless microphone package.  The digital 1200 series delivers the cleanest wireless signal I've ever worked with.  It's many times better then the analog wireless systems we used for the previous 20 years.  I use the slot in model 1200 URX/Si receiver on my Panasonic HD camera.  I can also mount up to 2 receivers in line between the camera body & the Anton Bauer battery with the 1200 URX AB.  The battery powers both receivers and gives me the option to use 3 wireless channels at a time when needed.  We have hundreds of Digital channel options & appreciate the clear reception & range these Azden units deliver.


Thermodyne Cases:  Manufacturers of the best equipment cases in the industry.  Rugged, High impact plastic cases for cameras, tripods and all equipment needs.  We have traveled the world for many years trusting Thermodyne cases to protect our equipment.


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